Hack.Diversity partners are committed to creating a stronger, more inclusive workforce in the innovation economy. Why are we so committed to diversity specifically? The lack of diversity in the innovation economy is still a huge issue. We’re bridging the gap between a talent shortage and extreme lack of diversity. Want to join us?

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CEO & Co-Founder, Wayfair

“Hack.Diversity is helping young people who are talented and can be successful, but may not have access to a path that would get them a job at a company like Wayfair. They train the participants in how to handle interviews, for instance. The participants in that program have never had that experience.”


CEO, Carbonite

“I am convinced that given the opportunity people will rise to the moment. The appetite and aptitude is there. It’s the opportunity that is missing.”


Partner, Flybridge Capital

“We’re facing a bit of a market failure. We have these hot innovation companies that are growing very fast and are desperate for technical talent, and only a couple miles away we have communities of color where there’s capable, smart, motivated people who would be terrific employees at these companies.”

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Q: Does Hack.Diversity provide any technical training?

Hack.Diversity is NOT a bootcamp or coding program; candidates with zero experience in software engineering, IT, and/or data analytics skills at the time of applying to participate will NOT be successful in the program For candidates who have the foundational skills per eligibility requirements, Hack.Diversity DOES provide a technical project experience and learning paths through which Fellows can continue to enhance and strengthen in-demand skills ahead of interviewing for internships.

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