German Martinez

University of Massachusetts Boston Management Information Systems

What sparked your interest in your major?

I was in Bunker Hill Community College studying General Business. Then, almost at the end of my two year degree completion, I took a class called “IT Problem Solving” and learned how technology helps fix many problems in an organization, and that organizations assemble a team of people with diverse knowledge to cover all aspects of the IT solution. Since then, I have been fascinated with technology and have enrolled at UMass Boston to complete a Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems.

How do you want to change the world? How do you want to change the tech scene?

I do feel that one of the biggest problems today is our use of plastic. We package everything but there still isn’t a solution for the damage we are causing to the planet by using all this non-biodegradable material. Finding a way in which plants are the main provider of packaging material would be ideal, and hopefully the norm in the future.

Why is diversity important to you?

Being diverse means learning to be persistent; many doors will be closed but that does not mean that you cannot open them. Hard work and determination can go a long way, as well as the support of some people. I believe what makes America great is the diversity, the different cultures, languages, norms, and the different perspectives that exist because of it.