Frequently asked questions


Q: Does Hack.Diversity provide any technical training?

Hack.Diversity is NOT a bootcamp or coding program; candidates with zero experience in software engineering, IT, and/or data analytics skills at the time of applying to participate will NOT be successful in the program For candidates who have the foundational skills per eligibility requirements, Hack.Diversity DOES provide a technical project experience and learning paths through which Fellows can continue to enhance and strengthen in-demand skills ahead of interviewing for internships. If you’d like to improve on your technical skills before applying to Hack.Diversity, check out these technical training programs here.

Q: How long is Hack.Diversity’s program?

Hack.Diversity operates in an annual 8-month cycle from January through August. Upon successful completion of the program, and contingent upon continued practice of Hack.Diversity Code of Conduct Fellows transition into Hack.Alumni benefits, inclusive of but not limited to: access to resources, network, employment opportunities, speaking opportunities, professional development opportunities, leadership opportunities within the Hack.Diversity Community.

Q: What is the expected time commitment of the program?

We ask that Fellows are:

• Available to dedicate ~15 hours/month between January – May to participate in Hack.Diversity spring programming, which includes in-person workshops and events in the Greater Boston, MA area, timely submission of deliverables, and regular communication with Hack.Diversity Team and Mentors

• Available to dedicate ~40 hours/week (full time) between June – August to participate in Hack.Diversity summer programming, which includes the full-time internship, in-person workshops and events in the Greater Boston, MA area

Q: What are the financial benefits associated with becoming a Hack.Diversity Fellow?

Participating in Hack.Diversity is FREE for Fellows selected into the program. Depending on the situation, Hack.Diversity may subsidize costs related to accessing in-person workshops, such as transportation benefits. Additionally, summer internships (June – August) are paid competitively to whatever the Host Company pays intern in similar roles. See below for more information on internship wages.


Q: What is Hack.Diversity looking for in their applicants?

For candidates applying to participate in Hack.Diversity 2021, we welcome ALL applicants who are 18+ and feel like they have a solid technical foundation to complete internships in the following roles: software development/engineering, IT/Networking, data analytics, ux/ui development.


• Minimum of 1 year of technical training under your belt through academic coursework, bootcamp or self taught training

• In the past our Fellows have come from 4 year public and private colleges, 2 year programs, community colleges, certificates and bootcamp programs.

• Available to dedicate the expected time commitment to the program. See above.

• 3.0 GPA or above preferred. If you do not have GPA, we ask to see the curriculum through which you completed to gain your technical skills.

• Passionate about diversity in tech

Q: When does the application open and what is the selection process like?

Our application opens every year in August and closes mid-October. All applicants will be notified if they move onto the interview round in November. All final decisions will be sent in December with programming beginning in January. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay up to date!

Q: What are the required application components?

All applicants are asked to submit demographic data and skills background including, but not limited to: a transcript (unofficial is fine), resume, short essay responses, contact information for 2 references. Candidates who are interested in software engineering roles will also be required to complete a coding exercise.

Q: Can international students apply to Hack.Diversity?

Yes, international students can apply to Hack.Diversity. All international students will have to secure work authorization through their schools before their internship begins. Please see the next question for information regarding work authorization.

Q: Can Hack.Diversity sponsor Fellows’ work authorization?

Hack.Diversity does not sponsor work authorization. Fellows will need to secure work authorization (OPT/CPT) through their school. It is the responsibility of the  Hack.Diversity Fellow to secure their work authorization in a timely manner before internships begin in June.


Q: How should I can stay updated on all things Hack.Diversity?

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Q: Are Fellows guaranteed placement into a summer internship?

Assuming a Fellow is an active participant in Hack.Diversity programming and upholds all commitments as agreed upon in your signing of the Hack.Diversity offer package, historically, Hack.Diversity has placed 100% of Fellows into successful internship experiences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly consider Fellows’ demonstrated adherence to Hack responsibilities when recommending candidacy for companies’ internships. Fellows and the Hack.Team are partners in launching the career that Fellows want – we provide access, resources, preparation, guidance, and feedback to launch growth-oriented tech careers, and this is most effective when Fellows also prioritize program participation, work on best practices as guided, and submit deliverables on time. Hack.Team reserves the right to dismiss a Fellow from the program if shown a pattern of neglect of Hack responsibilities.

Q: What is the interview process?

Assuming Fellows are submitting deliverables by the requested timeline, everyone will be matched with at least 3 interviews come Interview Days in April. Hack.Diversity will provide all Fellows with a guided timeline to set Fellows up for successful interview outcomes. We encourage all Fellows to prepare accordingly by leveraging Hack.Diversity’s process and resources, using maximum effort to deliver high quality content for all your Hack.Diversity tasks, proactively seeking feedback, and incorporating recommendations and feedback provided by the Hack.Team and Fellows’ Hack.Mentor.

See next question for what happens after interviews.

Q: How do Fellows get matched into internships?

Assuming a Fellow is an active participant in Hack.Diversity programming and upholds all commitments as agreed upon in your signing of the Hack.Diversity offer package, Fellows will get at least interviews for 3 summer internship roles.

The Hack.Team matches internships like medical school matches (i.e. 1:1 matches). Post interviews, Fellows rank their Host Company preferences and Host Companies rank their candidate preferences. Both submit these preferences to the Hack.Team. The Hack.Team considers three things when making internship matches — companies’ preferences, Fellows’ preferences, and Hack’s objective perspective of what environments are most conducive to support the Fellow’s success within the internship, given Fellows’ background, career interests, and demonstrated participation style and level of engagements in Hack.Diversity commitments.

Q: Where will the summer internships take place?

You will find out within two weeks after Interview Days in April. Summer internships will take place at the locations of one of our Host Company Partners.


Q: What is a “de.Hackathon”?

In traditional Hackathons, participants are tasked to ideate, prototype, and present solutions to known problems, business opportunities, or technologies, within 24 – 48 hours. The Hack.Diversity de.Hackathon (deconstructed Hackathon) addresses the same design thinking goals, but stretches this experience out over three months to enable a realistic timeframe during which Fellows may strengthen in-demand technical skills ahead of summer internships.


Q: What is a “Hack.Chat”?

In partnership with an industry leader, we dive deeper into specific hot topics or skill sets in the innovation ecosystem — its current applications, impact to date, skills in demand, and where the field is going. These are in-person events that usually take place at the headquarters of the Hack.Chat partner.

Hack.Chats are a monthly scheduled event. Check out Hack.Chats that have paved the way.